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  • How do I make a bar of SaThree Rivers Soap last longer?
    Store your soap on a soap tray that allows the soap to drain and dry between each use. Do not let your soap sit in water. Make sure your soap is returned to a draining soap dish or tray after each use.
  • What is the difference between scented and unscented soap?
    All our soaps have a very light scent wether they are scented or unscented. If the soap is unscented, it will smell simply of the oils used to make the soap. If the soap has been scented with essential oils it will have a very light scent of the essential oil used in the soap.
  • Why is there such a difference in the weights of the soap?
    We cut each bar of soap by hand using a measure guide. However, being human, the soap may be cut at a different angle or have heavier ingredients in each individual bar. Added ingredients include poppy seeds, oatmeal, coconut, tea or coffee. Each ingredient is distributed throughout the bar differently causing each bar to weigh a different amount.
  • What is small batch soap?
    We make each batch of soap by hand and make up to 30 bars in each batch. Each batch is created using its own recipe and comes out differently each time. While the ingredients are the same the quantity of added loose ingredients like oats, tea, coconut, coffee, poppy seeds, ets. is distributed differently between each bar. While each batch is unigue and different, the soap is made with care and each bar is special.
  • How are your soaps wrapped and packaged?
    SaThree Rivers Soap strives to be environmentally friendly and not create waste from our packaged soaps. So, we wrap our bars in recycled brown paper and hand stamp our lables to eliminate the need for more paper. We believe you're going to love the product inside and so we do not want to create more waste in our packaging.
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